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Yoga Cleanses the Digestive System

Food travels from the mouth, through the throat, into the gut. Digestive juices are produced to break the food down, take out what is healthy and necessary in the body and the rest becomes waste traveling down the pipes of our digestive tract. Yoga increases the potency of the digestive system and its effectiveness.

Yoga poses are designed to create optimum health in the body. By wringing out the abdominal organs, circulation increases, helping the organs of digestion to work better. Yoga also creates a relaxation response which helps the parasympathetic nervous system kick in which tells the body that it is ok to digest the food just consumed. You also notice when you are salivating. If you do not salivate before eating, you are probably not really that hungry. You start to listen to what your body actually needs.

Twisting poses are especially good for cleansing the digestive system.  Just like a sponge being wrung out, the gut is twisted and purged of toxins. The release of the twist then encourages new blood flow and space to pass the broken down particles of food along. Yoga becomes your personal roto-rooter.

By building heat in the body, squeezing and ringing out the gut, and creating a relaxation response in the body, yoga helps to increase digestion.  You will start to notice when you hungry versus full. Your digestive system will get a complete overhaul.  To start your 'overhaul' with the Yoga Weight Loss System, click below.

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