"Charry Morris has brought world-class yoga instruction to the Internet."
-Mandy and Tom Jaffe
"For a number of years I've been a yoga student of Charry's. She's got a style that sets her apart from other teachers:
unpretentious, knowledgeable, effective. Plus, there's that infectious smile and laughter that livens up anyone's day. If you've never tried yoga, she understands the challenge. If you're experienced, you won't be bored. If you're reading this to get a little insight into her yoga world, here's my advice - take her system and see for yourself. I'm pretty sure you'll be thankful"  John Miskel
"Charry's is so full of joy. She really dives into the true essence of yoga with her spirit, skill, and dedication.  Charry loves what she does and that shines through everyday."  Doreen & Sydney Somers, Colorado
"Charry is a fun instructor, intense at times, always very encouraging and caring...but not too serious.  A great yoga teacher once said "Yoga is critical but never serious"...sounds a bit like Charry."  Bruce Fenwick, New Zeland
“Attending yoga instruction led by Charry Morris is a wonderful experience.  Charry has such a warm, open and accepting personality which welcomes everyone.  Her open acceptance of all students dissolved my fears of being a beginner in her yoga class.  Charry’s teaching style is challenging and contemplative yet also fun and playful.  I appreciate her generous sharing of her knowledge of yoga, its philosophies and how to improve one’s abilities.  Charry’s yoga weight loss system has been essential to my growth in yoga, both physically and mentally.”  Sophie Watras, Vail, CO
“I’ve not only liked and enjoyed Charry's Yoga expertise & enthusiasm, but have admired her as a person as well.  After attending so many of different classes with different instructors throughout the past 12+ years, Charry has become my favorite of all times.  Charry, thank you for always being a highlight to any workout in my week and for providing such great insight into my yoga practice that helps me maintain my ideal weight!” Lanell Avery, Colorado

"I started taking Charry's yoga instruction about 8 years ago. She got me
hooked on how yoga makes my body feel and how it calms my mind.
I love how she makes yoga light and fun, but also interesting and 
challenging. She always smiles and laughs. I always leave her yoga class
feeling so much better!"-- Lara Purchase
"Charry is very encouraging with everyone.  My first ever yoga class was
with Charry, after many rugby injuries and a recent car accident, yoga has helped me
strengthen muscles & improve my mobility.  I have learned that yoga is essential to
maintaining good health, fitness & mobility."-- Gordon Blaikie, Professional Rugby Player, Scottland
“I've had many opportunities to experience Yoga instruction with some of the most renowned
Yoga Instructors.  I have been very fortunate to be able to attend classes with such a
talent -- Charry Morris.  Her blend of fun and spirituality makes every class a chance to not
only learn about yourself, but have fun while you are exploring.  Charry takes the time and
care to help each student – from the first time Yoga student to a master Yogi -- gain
something from her classes.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to take learn yoga weight loss
secrets from Charry!” 
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Yoga Weight Loss Systems Client
Annie Goodman, Colorado
:Lara Purchase with her daughter, son and husband.
Gordon, middle, with 2 other
professional Rugby teammates.
Charry w/ the US Ski Team
Charry, seated, surrounded by the ladies of the US Ski Team!
Success Stories

"We love the way yoga helps us feel and maintain our competitive
weight. Charry helps us compete and stay focused.  The way she
teaches is fun and thoughtful. She really pinpointed our specific
athletic needs and works with us on our specific goals."--
Women's US Ski Team members
“Without Charry, I would not be flexible and toned.”  For a few months last year, I did not attend yoga classes and tore my calf muscle.”  Going to Charry’s yoga classes keeps me from getting injured.”  Her upbeat and positive approach is infectious.”  Alida Zwann, Vail, CO
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Charry is a master yogi. After many years of practice and instructing, she understands the body and the mind. Charry’s upbeat spirit and patience makes yoga enjoyable and zen like (regardless of level of experience).  Charry has worked and trained with some of the best teachers in the field of yoga. She puts her heart and soul into every student, every class and every video she teaches. She is able to give me a great workout while somehow leaving me with a sense of complete rejuvenation and relaxation. I always leave feeling better somehow. Charry always seems to know just what I need.—Dayna Smith, Atlanta, GA