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Yoga Stimulates Digestion

If you visualize your gut in your mind’s eye, underneath a layer of skin and fat and fascia, lie all of your abdominal organs. These organs of digestion are made to funnel food, trap and use the healthy elements of the food you eat, and excrete the toxic bits.

Depending on your diet and your weight, these organs become laden with fat and toxic deposits. The gut becomes burdened by your daily nutritional and exercise habits. Yoga is instrumental in stimulating digestion through its simple movements.

Simply by bending forward and back, twisting and extending, you will massage and bring increased blood flow to your abdomen. This will stimulate your organs of digestion to start pushing food through, cleansing your intestines and colon and purging your stomach. Your body will start to reawaken to its natural tendency to detox and purify. Your metabolism will start to fire up.

Yoga brings heat to the belly. In yogic terms, this is called “tapas”. This word, tapas, relates to the urge to become healthier, fitter, and happier. It means to stoke the fire in your gut to change your lifestyle, diet, exercise habits, and entire outlook. Yoga will stimulate your digestion and increase your motivation to maintain a path of healthy habits.  The Yoga Weight Loss System will show you how.  Start today.


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