Yoga Weight Loss System
Yoga Elongates and Strengthens Your Muscles

By: Charry Morris: Certified Yoga Instructor
Designer of the Yoga Weight Loss System

The Yoga Weight Loss System presents you with an opportunity to increase elasticity in your muscles; as well as increase overall muscular strength.  Yoga works like a pulley system on your skeletal and muscular system. When you bend at a joint you create length from the origin of the muscle to the point of insertion of the muscle.

Throughout all of the postures you are bending at one or multiple joints in the body. When you combine this concept with the fact that you are using your bodyweight against gravity, you then create isometric muscular strength.

The longer your muscle fibers, the more strength you can gain in each muscle fiber. If your muscles are tight, you have less muscle mass to strengthen. As soon as you start to elongate and stretch your muscles, the more mass you will have to strengthen.

When you combine the increase in elasticity of your muscles with the work against gravity using your body weight, the results are stunning. Your range of motion will increase as well. Once you are able to bend deeper, stretch farther, you can work on strengthening more muscle length. 

The amazing thing about this is that you don’t even have to think about it. The benefits just naturally happen. You create a shape with your body in space and your muscles automatically get stronger and more open.

This is just one of the many benefits of using yoga to stay fit.  Many more are revealed in the Yoga Weight Loss System.  Order by clicking below.

Charry Morris,
Designer: Yoga Weight Loss System.
(Watch the video below to learn how I lost over 60 pounds with Yoga.)
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