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Looking to lose weight or maintain your ideal body weight with Yoga?  The Yoga Weight Loss System will be the way!  

Let me show you how to enhance your current training routine with yoga.  If you need a jump start to a healthier lifestyle, let me help you find a routine that you can actually stick to.  If you need motivation to REACH the results you want, let me introduce you to The Yoga Weight Loss System.

My name is Charry Morris and my yoga journey started when I was 19 years old.  I was playing Division I soccer at Colorado College.  Our team had reached the NCAA finals against Mia Hamm and her University of North Carolina teammates. My coach decided that we needed to increase our level of fitness, so we added yoga to our training program.  I had never before felt as confident, fit, and mentally prepared for the rigors of the game.  I ended up making the U-21 National Team, was selected as a Soccer America All-American, was voted to the All-Conference First Team, and signed a contract to play professionally in Japan.

Upon graduating from Colorado College with a BA in Economics in 1992, I headed off to play 5 years of professional soccer in Takarazuka, Japan where I continued to be guided down the yoga-for cross-training path.  I had a German coach who led us through a yoga “warm up” and “cool down” every day before and after trainings and games.  I learned how to concentrate, be “in the zone”, and attain a level of fitness I had never reached before.  I also ran a 3 hour and 30 minute marathon in Okinawa. 

I moved back to the United States in 1997 and decided to make Vail, Colorado my home.  Continuing to play soccer semi-professionally in Denver, I took to a new profession of teaching skiing.  I attained my full certification after 2 years in 2000.
As I trained for soccer while teaching skiing, I joined my aspiring national ski team member friend in her training program.  

I started doing yoga 3 times a week as part of the schedule.  I became so hooked on yoga and its benefits that I participated in a yoga teacher training with Argie Ligeros Tang, became certified, and started teaching in 1999.

In 2001, the US started its first women’s professional soccer league called the WUSA. I tried out and made the team in Atlanta- the Atlanta Beat. I relied heavily on yoga to keep me prepared for the physical and psychological demands of professional sport.

Upon retiring from soccer in 2003 I got married and went back to teaching skiing full time.  I also went back to practicing and teaching as much yoga as possible before giving birth to my daughter in 2004 and son in 2006.
Now, yoga keeps me sane. I continue to notice and welcome the physical benefits of yoga into my life, especially after gaining 60 pounds with each pregnancy!  But, what I enjoy and look forward to even more is the mind-stilling, centering, psychological benefits of yoga.  If I start to feel out of sorts, inept as a parent and partner, fat, insecure, or overwhelmed by life, I fall back on what I have learned through my yoga practice.

Since starting to teach yoga in 1999, I have studied with the top Yoga Instructors around the world including Aadil Pahlkhivala, Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee, Jeanie Manchester, Richard Freeman, Simon Park, Peter Sterios, Andrei  Ram, Manouso Manos, and Swati Chanchani. 

I have been published in the Elephant Journal, taught at most of the yoga studios in Vail, Colorado and currently direct the yoga program at the Cascade Resort where my class was voted the Best Yoga Class by the local newspaper, The Vail Daily. 

I run a yearlong yoga program called Living Yoga 365 with my friend and fellow teacher, Elena Gorgeouses. In addition, I write newsletter articles for Destination Hotel Resorts Priority Club Members.  

I find myself teaching everyone from US Ski Team Members to weekend warriors to individuals looking to release stress, lose weight, and gain flexibility.

My passion for yoga and all of its benefits is so strong that I want everyone to be able to try it. It is simple, straight forward, and challenging.  It can be transformational on all levels.  I hope The Yoga Weight Loss System benefits you and your life!

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Charry Morris, author of The Yoga Weight Loss System and yoga instructor for US Ski Team athletes, Professional Rugby Players, Weekend Warriors, Super Models, Moms, Dads, people looking to lose weight, people looking to tone and strengthen and many, many more!
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Charry Morris: Yoga Weight Loss Author
That's me, doing the Yoga pose Bent Knee Triangle:
Increases Strength & Flexibility
Yoga Pose: The Seated Twist: 
Increases Flexibility
Yoga Pose: Arm Balance:
 Increases Strength & Balance.
Here I am, seated, with a few of the 
US Ski Team athletes.
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