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Yoga Increases Lean Muscle Mass

Yoga works isometrically to develop a longer and leaner muscle mass in the body. The work and intention in yoga is to hug muscle to bone. Rather than creating bulky, shortened muscle tissue, yoga poses place the origin and the insertion of the muscle apart to create longer more sinewy and lean muscle mass.

Yoga works progressively, in stages to prepare the body and the internal organs to lengthen safely and gently. This creates a relaxation response to the muscle fibers which allows them to get longer. When the muscles are in this extended state, the body then moves with its own body weight against gravity to create strength. The digestive heat in the body then increases to burn away fat.

In order to increase lean muscle mass, you must create the optimum environment within your body. Yoga does this automatically. Yoga increases the internal temperature of the body. You start to increase your metabolism. Then, the postures stretch the origin of the muscle away from the point of insertion to create length in the muscle fibers. Lastly, body weight is used against gravity to strengthen the muscles.

All of these actions help to burn fat and increase lean muscle mass.  To learn more about Yoga and how to use it to lose weight order The Yoga Weight Loss System today.
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