Yoga: Just Your Body
No Extra Equipment Necessary

By: Charry Morris: Certified Yoga Instructor
Designer of the Yoga Weight Loss System

One of the greatest benefits about Yoga is it so convenient and self contained that you do not need any extra equipment to get started. The only prop you will need is your own open mind.

You will work in bare feet to get the sensation of earth and gravity. This allows you to develop strength, endurance, and lean muscle mass without the need for additional weights, bands, or machines. Your body and your breath will get the job done.

It is so simple because 5,000 years ago when yoga came into the world, the only vehicle for enlightenment they used was their own imagination, breath, and body. We will continue with their teachings to bring more elasticity to our muscles, more volume to our breath, and more strength to our core. In the process of being absorbed by this body/mind connecting, there will be weight loss.

Most weight loss systems use some form of lever or pulley system to create and give resistance in order to challenge the muscles enough to start metabolizing faster. With Yoga and the Yoga Weight Loss System, you will put your body in certain positions that uses your body as the lever and the breath as the pulley, to start building muscle, turning on digestion, and losing weight.  It's exciting and anyone can do it. I guarantee it. I'll be your guide.  Let me show you. 

Charry Morris,
Designer: Yoga Weight Loss System.
(Watch the video below to learn how I lost over 60 pounds with Yoga.)
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