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By: Charry Morris: Certified Yoga Instructor
Designer of the Yoga Weight Loss System

5 Habits That Energize Your Life

Most of the time we wake up, pound some coffee, eat some cereal, or a 'breakfast bar' if anything at all, jump in our car, sit at a desk,  pick up something for lunch, work on the computer more, sit more, jump back in the car, and rush to get something down for dinner. Only to repeat the cycle and our habits over again the next day until we get to the weekend when we can sleep in a bit longer, not get in the car, maybe exercise, and maybe even think about what we are eating. 

Sounds crazy when you put it on paper, huh?

The key ingredient to creating new, healthier habits seems to be the time component.  When we rush from home to work, project to project, work to home again, we lose sight of what we are doing.  We literally move mindlessly along through our day acting and reacting as we always have.  We have to create new habits that promote health and happiness. Here are 5 to start with.

1.  Wake up earlier.
Find the right amount of extra time you need to get some form of exercise in before you go to work. You will feel better, eat better, and have more energy for your day. Whether you wake up to do 10 minutes of yoga, get to the gym, meditate for 15 minutes, head out your door for 20 minutes of walking/running, or roll out of bed for 50 sit ups and 20 push-ups, kick starting your day with something that is good for you will make you feel better almost instantaneously. You will also have more time for your day.

2.  Drink more water.
Our bodies are mostly water. Our organs need water to function. Our digestive organs in particular need water. Drinking water throughout the day flushes away toxins from the food we eat and everything else we drink. Hydration is huge when it comes to our energy levels and glandular health.

3.  Eat more food in its natural state!
It is almost more normal to eat processed, packaged, and fake foods than fresh fruits and vegetables these days. We seem to think that we need the nutrition of an energy bar over a banana, an energy drink over water, or a weight watchers frozen meal over a fresh veggie stir fry. As unnatural as it may seem, try to eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains. Food truly is energy.  Read this quick article to learn about 3 veggies that Fight Belly Fat!

4  Turn off the TV.
The television can be a wonderful escape. It can also be a horrible trap. You might find yourself zoning out, “eating” or “snacking” while watching. You might find that 3 shows and 3 hours later, it is midnight and you are exhausted. You might find that you just can’t be productive with the television looming in your house. Try going without it for a night and see what else you can fill your time with- workouts, reading, writing, catching up with friends, or going to bed earlier so that you can get up earlier the next day. Enjoy the silence.

5.  Turn off the phone.
Make sure you are cell phone free for major parts of the day. Obviously, if you are a doctor on call, or your children are somewhere that you might need to be reached, it is one thing, but to constantly be “on call”, checking your phone, texting, tweeting and face booking, you are draining yourself of your energy reserves. Go silent. Check back in when you actually have the time, rather than while you are driving or standing in line at some checkout counter.

Be more mindful of your time and your energy.

We need to come back home and start habits that are productive, healthy and energizing.  See what happens if you can create the 5 habits that I have outlined here. See how much time you can create in your day, how much energy you can increase in your life, and how much healthier and happier you feel.

We were given one body to live this one life with. Create the change you want to see in the world, one habit at a time.

Charry Morris,
Designer: Yoga Weight Loss System.
(Watch the video below to learn how I lost over 60 pounds with Yoga.)

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