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Injury Prevention in Yoga

By: Charry Morris: Certified Yoga Instructor
Designer of the Yoga Weight Loss System

Here is what you need to know to stay healthy in yoga:

1.  Differentiate between “good pain” and “bad pain”. Is it a new muscular sensation or is it overstretching ligaments? Be
    aware of how you feel. Back off if you are in doubt. Don’t do anything that makes you nervous. Find your edge, without pushing 
    beyond your limits.

2.  If you already have an injury, if you are recovering from surgery, or if you are pregnant make sure you let your breath guide           you into and out of poses. Find more ease than effort.

3.  Make sure your joints are in alignment. This means your knee is facing straight forward and not bent beyond your ankle. Your          shoulders stay away from your ears and remain soft. Your low back should be in a neutral, happy position. The sides of your            neck should be lengthening. Your throat should be soft. Keep your front ribs drawing back, elongating your tail bone down.

4.  Yoga is not a competitive sport. Try doing it without mirrors so that you can feel what is happening from the inside out.

5.  Breathe steadily and slowly.

6.  The postures should be equal parts effort and ease. If you are holding your breath or scrunching your face, back off. If you start        to feel dull and sleepy, juice it up.

7.  Move your legs, arms, and head as though they were being moved from your spine right around your belly button. Connect all         movements to your core.

8.  Smile inwardly to yourself! You are doing yoga! Be grateful! Be proud!


Designer: Yoga Weight Loss System

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